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Truck Loading Conveyor

Truck Loading Conveyor


Vertical Height Approx 3000 mm to 1800 mm From Ground Level
Belt Spec. Width 500 mm Thickness 3 mm, with clit(approx 3 to 5 mm thick) each 500 mm
Structure 3000 mm
Mobility M.S Sq. Pipe, C channel with Powder Coated Finish
Motor 3 H.P. A.C. Motor geared. With Chain & Sproket Drive
Conveyor Speed Fix Speed 8 Mtr / Min. (all conveyor)
Guiding Arrangement Both Side 125 mm Height Side Guide For Safety


Common Features & Appications:

  • For online coading of pouches / cartons
  • For conveying cartons, any products
  • Material handling, like bottles, pouches, hdpe bags, bale, etc.
  • Truck loading / container loading converyor
  • Pharmaceutical medecin pack assembly conveyor
  • Online check weighing conveyor and rejection line.
  • Can be made as per your requirement

Due to continuous R&D and Technology Update, Specifications may change from the Above. 


Click on video to see video of Truck loading conveyor: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eDWEwH1mS4c

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