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Pillow Pressing Machine


Method of Operation:

Pillow Pressing Machine is very useful for pressing pillow, blanket, or other cotton, recron filled material. After putting pillow / blanket in bag, it is to be place bellow the machine pressing plate, and once start button pressed, the pressing plate come down and press the pillow / blanket for desired pressure. once pressing is done, to adjust bag end at seal bar area, and push seal button for sealing of bag. After sealing and cooling cycle over, pressing plate go upwards, and the duly pressed bag (like vacuum) will be ready for transport. 


Very effective, reduce space, and easy to transport. 

Sealing done with impulse method, so any sealable material plastic bag possibe.

Pressure plate pressure adjustable, from pressure regulator.

Sealing bar pressure adjustable from pressure regulator. 

Pl. Find youtube video link for video onlne: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uD2xH7X-Nmw Or click on bellow video box

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