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Continuous Sealing Machine With Nitrogen Flushing S-51NF


Features & Specification

  • Suitable for sealing all kind of Plastic films.
  • Sealing length is unlimited.
  • Reliable sealing quality.
  • Compaq design & can use
  • Horizontally (S-52) & Vertically (S-51).


  • Widely used in field of Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Chemical Products, Electrical Components, Vegetable seeds.
Model S - 51NF
Power Supply Single Phase 220V/50HZ
Power Consumption 500W
Sealing Speed 0 to 12 Mtr. / Min.
Sealing Width 10 mm
Temperature 0 to 300° C
Conveying Load 3 Kg.
Dimensions 1040x380x(450 to 630) Adjustable) (mm)
Weight 40 Kg.

Due to continuous R&D and Technology Update, Specifications may change from the Above.

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