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Semi Automatic Box Strapping Machine S-11L (Low Height)

Semi Automatic Box Strapping Machine model S-11L


Semi Automatic Box Strapping Machine with ball joint Table Top model S-11L-BJT

Strapping Machine - Low Table - S-11L-BJT

Features & Specification

  • Low Table Height 450 mm.
  • Automatic Power Off
  • Suitable for strapping heavy or bulky products.
  • Adjustable strap tension and Strap length.
  • Ball Joint Table Top. (Optional)


  • Heavy Boxes, Textile.
  • Machine can align with In-feed-out-feed.
  • Conveyor due to its low table height. 
Model S - 11L
Strapping Speed 1.5 Second / Strap
Maximum Package Size Any Size
Minimum Package Size 60mm
Maximum Tension 60 Kgs.
Strap Width 6 mm to 15 mm
Strap Core Size 200mm
Power Consumption  1/3 H.P. Single Induction
Net Weight 95 Kgs. Approx
Machine Dimensions 1540mm X 640mm X 400mm

Due to continuous R&D and Technology Update, Specifications may change from the Above.

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