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Box Wrapping Machine

Stretch Wrapping Machine

Model S-72N-PS(with Prestretch System)

Stretch Wrapping Machine

Model S-72N


Box Stretch Wrapping Machine

Model S-72PS(with Prestretch System)

Box Stretch Wrapping Machine

Model S-72




Box Stretch Wrapping Machine 

S-72 with dual roll mounting



  • Very fast and economic packing, gives packages/box extra strnegth.
  • Single(Standard) / Dual roll mounting (optional) / pre stretch model (S 72PS) / Hi table S72N for various size of boxes.
  • Adjustable box stopper for various box sizes, which eleminates pneumatic top holding. Hence no air connection required for holding of Box.
  • Stretch film tension can be adjustable for tight or loose apply on box.
  • It protect the package against dust and damp, and make the package clean.
  • It can decrease the scratch of the package, improve the surface quality and make the package more secure.


  • For export packing, corrugated boxes packing.
  • Textile yarns packing on pallets directly, Ceramic products packing.



Model S - 72N / S-72N-PS
Machine Dimension L*W*H 1250x660x1430mm (S-72N) 1300x660x1460mm (S-72N-PS)
Turntable Specification Dia. 600 mm
Turning disc rotation speed 22 turns per min
Motor- Gear Box 0.5 HP A.C. geared motor with direct coupling.
Power Supply 440V / 3 Ph. with Neutral
Max. Packing Weight 110 kg/140 kg
Stretch Roll unwind system

Screw type spring tension (for S-72N)

Motorised Pre Stretch (for S-72N-PS) can pre-stretch up to 250% (standard) pre-stretch up to 300% (optional)

Pre Stretch Motor: 0.25 HP. controlled by Limit switch / sensor. 



Due to continuous R&D and Technology Update, Specifications may change from the Above.

To see video pl. Click bellow and wait for some time to download. Or visit: 

Model S-72N : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeagVcxPGUc

Model S-72N-PS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQhzi7RN0Is

Model S-72PS  (floor height Model) :   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbelhl8ZUsQ

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